For Someone You Love

16 Jan

Assalammualaikum  every one!!

Are you or your son will take UPSR, PMR, or SPM at the end of this year?

Do you would like to see your son or yourself more successful in academic this year?

I know that, no matter what the cost, for someone we love, we will pay for it although it is very expensive.

For a parent, they will be happy when their son success in their life. Have good result in academic, continues study in university and get a secure and better job in the future.

The obstacle for success especially in Malaysia is, when they get low academic result because the possibilities to further study in university are small.

Because of that, here I have a very good quality homeopathy product to share with all of you.

It’s good for children, student, workers and pregnant mom.


Did you or your son have face this problem??

  • Are lazy go to school or lazy in study
  • Preferred to play more than study
  • Very sleepy and difficult to wake up every morning
  • Less focus in class
  • Easily become angry, very hyperactive (children), nervous and lack of confident.
  • Unsuccessful in academic result

If you have facing those problem and want to know how this product will helping you, you may continue read this description. BUT if not, it’s okay if you don’t want to know all about this product.

Now I would like to introduce you the product.

Name of Product: MINDATIF PLUS

My Guarantee for this product:

  • 100% Muslim Production
  • Made in Malaysia
  • No drug or chemical used
  • Islamic medicine method
  • Contain sucrose and natural mineral

How this product will help you or your son success in life/ academic??

Here there are two testimonies from our customers who had tried this product.

1st testimony from Mrs Ida (Mersing Johor)

I have giving my son (5 year old) this MINDATIF PLUS. Before use this supplement, he quit lazy or difficult to do homework given. After use this product, I saw that he easy to wake up at the morning and have a positive attitude. He easy finishes his homework given by school. His teacher also surprise with him. Thanks to Allah SWT for Her blessing.

2nd testimony from Mrs Aida (Pontian, Johor)

I was introduced with MINDATIF PLUS at year 2008 and giving for my son which 5 year old. During 1 semester, I had given my son use this product. I see my son easily to wake u at the morning went to TADIKA and he got 1st place in midterm examination. At the second semester, I was stopping giving MINDATIF PLUS to my son, but there are huge different attitudes to my son. His become lazy to go to TADIKA, and difficult to wake up at the morning. At the end of this semester, his exam result was drop compare to the midterm exam. After that, I was continuing giving all my children to use this supplement MINDATIF PLUS.

Here I have two sizes of bottles. A small bottle and a big bottle.

Detail about the quantities and price are list below:

Quantities and Product Price:

1 Small Size; 125 biji = RM15.00

1 Big Size; 265 biji = RM28.00

Shipping or Post cost:

RM2.00 per bottle.

So, what do you thing about this product?

It is good or not for you?

It is useful and helpful for you to give for your son?

If you say it’s helpful, why not get one first. Try and looking the feedback you will get after you or your son used it itself.

Then come and giving me your feedback about the product after you used its for one until three months.

I will wait for your feedback.

My guarantee for shipping:

**100% money return or I will send other one if the products you get break out during shipping.**

Lastly, want to get this product; you can contact me via my email.

Please don’t miss it up, for you or your son future in life.

Thank you for your time.

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